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Second Month is Iyyar

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Iyyar is the second month of Biblical calendar. The name of month is of Babylonian origin. It's called the month of Ziv (light or buds - Biblical language translation) in TaNaCh. The month of light because it is exactly in Iyyar when Sun starts shining at its full capacity, but doesn't scorch as it does in summer. The month of buds because this is its name in classic and traditionally holy Aramaic translation of TaNaCh. In this month human is able to obtain his real grandeur (light) because the influence of month helps to get rid of one's own vices and flaws.

The constellation of Taurus is corresponding to the month of Iyyar. In Biblical language Taurus is bull eating the grass. In Israel Iyyar is the last month of the year when bull can eat its fill of grass in the field.

It's written in the holy books that diseases can be treated much more successfully in Iyyar than in any other month of the year, because Manna started falling. Manna is called the bread of strong and it caused no diseases. Since then Iyyar keeps the feature of curing diseases. The hint for that feature of the month is contained within its name. Its letters meet the first letters of words: "I am G-d curing you".

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