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Bnei Noah - Short Say About Us

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Bnei Noah (Noah Descendants - Biblical language translation) is the most ancient religious foundation of all mankind. The very combination of words Bnei Noah can be used for all and each of us, for we all anyway originate from three Noah's sons - Shem, Ham and Yafet - who gave the beginning to three existing at our planet races, populated it after the event we know by name World-Wide Flood. There's a rainbow engraved at the photo you can see above coz rainbow (together with Temple Menora) is exactly the symbol of Seven Laws - by the number of its seven colors - about which G-d made the covenant with Noah and promised him to never bring again the flood into the world - the flood that destroyed and wiped the whole ancient civilization off Earth surface. The rainbow became the symbol of that promise and it first appeared in the sky precisely at the moment of making the Covenant.

Bnei Noah mean no spreading of some new religion or theological teaching which are a lot recently. No way. Our purpose is to give young people - guys and girls - a general idea about how and what the world was created for, how to behave correct in it and what one needs to do to make world better place for each of us. This is not a religion, it's rather simple set of common rules the world would not be able to exist without. If you'd like - it is a must that none of us may infringe, it is beyond regular religious belonging. Bnei Noah believe the world was created by G-d in six days, the death and evil were called into being as a result of first man Adam's sin, Jews are the chosen people of G-d who accepted upon themselves observance of 613 Tora's commandments and whose task is to fix the spiritual damage that was done to the world as a result of the first sin, and return the whole mankind into the world which is going to be again G-d's home where death and evil may exist no more - as it all is written in Old Testament of Bible. All other peoples of the world must observe Seven Laws to keep the world in proper state and not to let it fall down into the spiritual abyss and chasm the way it happened once and must not happen again.

The campaign for spreading Seven Laws among the peoples of the world was led since long ago, from the very beginning of time. Jerusalem and Israeli Kingdom of Biblical times was always its center. However since end of Second Temple epoch and since beginning of Christian inquisition and Islamic conquest era, it was done everything not only to destroy the very Bnei Noah followers but to erase any mention about them. Somewhere, like in USA and Western Europe, Bnei Noah are also called Noahides.

Most Noahides today are people who spent a lot of powers on spiritual searching for truth and dissatisfied with both what Christianity suggests and what Islam promises and all the rest products of human imagination passed off as "G-d hands business". Another - less numerous group are people who kept faith to the religion of their fathers, but independently of that, accepted upon themselves observance of Seven Laws as obligatory for existance and prosperity of all mankind.

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