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ImageAugust 12, 2022 - Kaluach Pro app now available on Apple computers
Total visits: 821

The well-known Kaluach Pro app for converting dates between the civil and Hebrew calendar, including the function of calculating important Halachic times, has become available on Apple computers (macOS 10.15 and higher operating system). The program is essentially a universal Biblical calendar and is also suitable for Bnei Noah. The interface is available in English with support for displaying dates in Hebrew. The download link is provided for Bnei Noah on our website.

ImageJanuary 12, 2020 - Seven Laws of Noah book for children has been recently published
Total visits: 8131

"Seven Laws of Noah: G-d's plan for living a good life" book for children has been recently published and is presented to the Noahide families at our website. The book is written by rabbi Yerachmiel Altman and is available in Spanish and English, a Portuguese translation is a few weeks away. The book author is looking for other language translations where it is necessary.

ImageMarch 8, 2013 - Shiduh Website for Bnei Noah launched
Total visits: 8716

Sorry, only Russian text is available for this page yet.

ImageMay 3, 2012 - Bnei Noah Seven Laws have gone Facebook
Total visits: 5502

Sorry, only Russian text is available for this page yet.

ImageMay 13, 2008 - Online classes on Seven Bnei Noah Laws now accessible for everyone
Total visits: 8199

New internet project under the direction of rabbi Avraham Ustoniazov sets itself as an object for making examination and learning Seven Bnei Noah Laws accessible for all and everyone. TaNaCh, ancient Israel history and questions referred to accepting and observing Seven Laws obligatory for all mankind are studied at the classes held weekly.

ImageFebruary 24, 2008 - First Shulhan Aruh for the Noahide Commandments appeared in print
Total visits: 6978

Shulhan Aruh (Code of Noahide Law - Biblical language translation) for the Noahide Commandments is the first Rabbinically approved and comprehensive Halahic (Torah-law) codification of the Noahide precepts. We invite all rabbis who are working about Bnei Noah issues around the world to use the book as their reference guide for how Noahides should properly observe their Noahide Commandments, as their part of the Torah.

ImageJanuary 13, 2008 - The first in Russia Bnei Noah community is being created in Moscow
Total visits: 9108

We're sure we - Bnei Noah - are a lot in the region, only we're not united yet and simply do not know about each other. We'd like to ask you for some help. We're sure both we and you are doing the same business. It would be great if we help each other. Having made our efforts united, we could do more, with G-d's help. We would appreciate if you write us what you think about that.

ImageMay 18, 2007 - Mystery of the World-Wide Flood discovered
Total visits: 6576

The World-Wide Flood story comes from the Bible. And it seems to be the myth. However, a lot of scientists believe the flood happened indeed. They say there are now abundant signs left by the Flood on the surface of continents. And the salines - the lakes with sea water - thrown about the land and located thousands kilometres far offshore, those are remains of the Flood. But where did the water come from for that disastrous and global deluge?

ImageMarch 27, 2007 - Today in the United States: the President George W. Bush proclaimed Education and Sharing Day in honour of Lubavitcher rebbe
Total visits: 6287

This is already the thirtieth time one after another that president of the United States proclaims Education and Sharing Day in view of Lubavitcher rebbe's birthday on Nisan 11 (this year it falls on Friday, March 30). The head of the White House George W. Bush signed today a Declaration (third one already). Its text was immediately spread through Mass Media.

ImageJuly 24, 2006 - The Campaign for Spreading Seven Bnei Noah Laws among Arabic Nations Started
Total visits: 6202

These days The Center for the Seven Noahide Commandments under the direction of rabbi Boaz Kali starts the world-wide company for spreading Seven Laws among Arabic nations. In the address published in Arabic Mass Media and among Sheikhs and Imams there's a call for Arabs to use their influence to improve the world instead of destructing it.

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