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ImageWhat Is Death?
Total visits: 6503

A person sits and watches a program on a television screen. The set has already received the program, and it appears clearly on the screen. However, even before it reached the screen, for an instant, the program already existed in the form of waves, sent through the air by a transmitting station.

ImageOnce Again About Charity
Total visits: 6871

The world is set up such way that everything yields to some definite laws in it. Those laws are established by G-d since Six Days of Creation. The influence of some definite allocation of planets onto human's fate at the moment of his birth is one of those laws too. This means what we call astrology nowadays.

Total visits: 5039

After coming out of the Ark, Noah considered his paramount task as to cultivate the earth devastated by Flood and that's why he gave himself up to agriculture. Noah took grape sprouts into the Ark. And now, after the Flood is over, he decided to lay out vineyard. But that was a mistaken decision.

ImageTen Kings
Total visits: 5355

History is aware of names of ten kings whose possessions included the entire world: 1) The First One among them is G-d, Who is the Beginning of all beginnings, Who rules heavens and earth and Who decided to appoint kings on earth; 2) Nimrod was the second one since it's written (Bereshit 10:10): "And the beginning...

ImageAbout Seven
Total visits: 6138

It's noticed by people that G-d distinguishes everything that stands at seventh position both among things and people. And this observation can be proved by numerous examples. What makes number Seven so noteworthy? The number symbolizes Tora, which consists of seven parts, according to one of opinions.

ImageTen Levels of Hope
Total visits: 5285

Hovot Halevavot enumerates ten levels of hope. Human usually goes through each of them during his life, but only being at the very last one he can achieve perfection: 1. Infant knows only feeling of protectability and nutrition coming from his mother; 2. While child is small, his entire world is focused on his mother;

ImageJerusalem Temple and Alexander
Total visits: 6041

Alexander Macedonian was a great king, warrior and statesman. Tons of books are written about his victories and conquests, numerous legends are composed about his life, but only few know Whom Alexander is obliged to for all of his achievements indeed. The matter is one night Hashem showed the enigmatic dream to Alexander.

ImagePunishment Hides Blessing
Total visits: 5149

A man must accustom himself to always answer on whatever happens in his life - whether the occurred event seems to be good or bad - "Whatever Heavens send - everything is for better." Coz all punishments Hashem sends to man are hidden blessings indeed. And it can be seen from the following story.

Total visits: 4661

Contrary to the settled opinion, evil is not some autonomous power or, G-d forbid, Hashem's opponent in this world. Hashem is first of all the only and enjoying full rights Master of this world and of everything what fills it. Therefore anything, even the tiniest event, can not happen without His knowledge and consent.

ImageKind Attitude Towards Neighbor
Total visits: 5350

Kind attitude towards neighbor includes the entire range of definite behavioural criterions like hospitality, mutual aid, benevolence, good-neighborhood etc. In other words, it is when one person does good to the other one, as it's written (Tehillim 89:3): "For I said: forever will the world be built with kindness."

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