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While Adam was sleeping, G-d took one of the ribs out of his body and the emptiness, appeared in the body, He replaced with flesh. One of ancient Biblical commentaries explains that rib taken from Adam was a thirteenth one. Then Hashem formed woman's body from that part of Adam's organism and breathed life into it as into independent being.

We said already Adam was a being perfect in all respects. Kabbala - a book explaining world creation secrets - reveals that Tora means the best and spiritually perfect part of human when speaking about Adam's thirteenth rib. Taking it from Adam, G-d decided to form woman precisely from that part, endowing her body and soul with so beatiful and wonderful traits. The emptiness appeared inside Adam's body, G-d replaced with flesh. "Flesh" is a substance embodying coarseness and materialism.

That's why man feels like that when looking at woman - as if she has something what he lost long ago and what he wants so much to find again. That's why woman feels that unsurmountable craving for man as if for source from which she used to be once separated. And that's why there are some spiritual and material notions, which can reached neither by man nor by woman separately and which become available for them only after they find each other.

That's what is meant when speaking about two halves looking for each other.

That is how G-d created love. Like this He defined man's and woman's yearning for each other.

"In our image, after our likeness" - it's said about human created. Then G-d added to him a woman taken from his own body. They both must behave according to Hashem's image and likeness. That means there should be no man without woman, no woman without man, and man and woman together without G-d there shouldn't be as well. That's why in Biblical language in words איש and אשה (man and woman) there are יה (yud and hei) letters, which together make one of G-d's names. If they behave not worthy, י (yud) letter from איש word and ה (hei) letter from אשה word disappear, and יה (G-d's name) leaves them. And only two similar אש and אש words remain - that means fire and fire...

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