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ImageAfter Food Blessing
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After breakfast, having lunch finished, after dinner, after supper - simply having any meal finished, even after having a snack - the obligatory after food blessing is recited: "Baruch E-l Olam, Sheachalnu Mishelo" ("Blessed is G-d of universe, from Whose generosity we've eaten" - Biblical language translation).

ImageSacrifice of Approach
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Sages adduce comparison that gives idea about how one should recite "Mizmor Letoda" (Tehillim 100): as he who counts precious coins, takes them one by one, examines being afraid to mistake - as he who prays, must check pronunciation of each word and think over their sense.

ImageThe Most Ancient Prayer
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After getting up, washing, but before having a breakfast - the main and the most ancient of known Biblical prayers is recited - "Shema Yisrael" ("Hear, O Israel" - Biblical language translation). This prayer is symbol of faith into One Creator and unconditional acceptance of His full authority upon oneself.

ImageFirst Words
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The first thing we're convinced of when getting up in the morning, is we've woken up and we're alive. When we went to bed previous evening, we were tired and exhausted, "deadly" tired; but we get up refreshed with soul and body as if we were born anew. Of course, we must thank G-d for that.

ImageShort List of Obligatory Prayers
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Unfortunately, the human nature behaves the way that reciting prayers day after day has the quality of turning what should have been daily deep feeling to simple and thoughtless reading. Still, even superficial reciting of daily prayers has the value as far as it's not deprived of sense of G-d and feeling of dependence on Him.

ImageWork of Heart
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The prayer is often called the work of heart. Do you know why? The sense of the very Tefila (prayer - Biblical language translation) word origins from Biblical תופל root, what means "join", "unite" in literal translation. That's why "Tefila" word is not quite precise translation of this word.

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