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Home :: News :: August 12, 2022 - Kaluach Pro app now available on Apple computers

August 12, 2022 - Kaluach Pro app now available on Apple computers

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The well-known Kaluach Pro app for converting dates between the civil and Hebrew calendar, including the function of calculating important Halachic times, has become available on Apple computers (for macOS 10.15 and higher). The program is essentially a universal Hebrew calendar and is also suitable for Bnei Noah. The interface is available in English with support for displaying dates in Hebrew.

Kaluach Pro provides everything you need to navigate and explore a Hebrew calendar covering thousands of years, letting you easily convert Hebrew dates to the civil calendar and vice versa. It provides a comprehensive set of features, such as proper times for the beginning/ending of the Sabbath, dates and times for Hebrew festivals and fasts, weekly Torah portions, daily Psalms, Molad (New Moon) times, and many more.

The application supports both automatic GPS-based location detection and manual on-map place selection. It permits the user to literally travel through any point in Hebrew time at any location in the world. Besides the daily Halachic times, the app also contains a detailed Hebrew year description section, festivals date range summary view, and some location-specific information corner.

Got interested? Follow the next link for Mac App Store preview page where this wonderful app can be downloaded from.

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