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Contrary to the settled opinion, evil is not some autonomous power or, G-d forbid, Hashem's opponent in this world. Quite the reverse, it originates exactly from Hashem. You probably get surprised? Coz, in our understanding, G-d is the Source of kindness, mercy and something bright and joyful. Not only. To understand and to see G-d only through the prism of kindness - this is an error. And here is why.

Hashem is first of all the only and enjoying full rights Master of this world and of everything what fills it. He is the Master coz He's the One who created all this and endowed with life, consequently all this belongs only to Him. And as the Master, He keeps His eye on everything what happens in this world and He's the One Who rules it. Therefore anything, even the tiniest event, can not happen without His knowledge and consent. Besides, the principal of justice acts in this world, that means everything human gets in this life is deserved by him, even if we suppose differently. We can not be fully aware of someone's merits or demerits. This only Hashem knows. And He endows or deprives people, proceeding from it. That's why when evil happens to somebody, one may blame or accuse anybody, however one should be aware it was the direct consequence and fair requital to people for their behavior in this world. Coz this world is the place where everybody has to live observing Seven Laws and recognizing the Creator.

The following example helps understand it better. Imagine that your child went to play in the sand-box. Despite some definite instructions which you gave him, he did not refrain and got very dirty, in some places mud literally ate under the skin. When he's back, you undress him, dip him into the bath and use pumice to clean dirt off the skin. There are some places where you have to rub hard, almost up to blood. The child is too young, it aches and he can't understand why he, who was supposed to love him, causes such unbearable pain to him. He starts crying and shouting at you. But you know if not to clean off dirt, it will start to spread under the skin, then it will lead to infection and unpleasant illness, thus you proceed to do your job despite baby's protests. The same is for G-d and human, who, in the given case, is like that child understanding very little.

It's not important what seems to us - there are as many opinions about Bible's origination and meaning in the world, as many humans on the planet. It's important just to trust Heavenly Father, to remember about what He warned us and carefully observe His commandments. Otherwise...

Thus, evil is only medicine that can be bitter and very unpleasant, but is sent to human exactly to make him think well about his behavior, make necessary conclusions and fixed his way of life.

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