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About Seven

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It's noticed by people that G-d distinguishes everything that stands at seventh position both among things and people. And this observation can be proved by numerous examples.

There exists seven heavens: 1) Shamayim; 2) Shamei Shamayim; 3) Rakia; 4) Shehakim; 5) Zevul; 6) Maon; 7) Aravot. The seventh one among them, Aravot, is the sweetest to Hashem's heart. That's why Omnipotent chose it to be His residence.

The entire world is divided into seven areas: 1) Eretz (general name for all countries with warm climate where fruits ripen very fast); 2) Adama (countries with cold climate); 3) Arca (hot countries where fruits wither coz of excessive heat); 4) Gei (uninhabited areas situated so low there's not enough sun for vegetation to grow); 5) Tziya (deserts which are unfruitful but they neighbor cultivated lands, and so travellers come by them); 6) Neshiya (desert lands left by people and serving as asylum for wild animals only); 7) Tevel (its name means its fruits combine the taste and aroma of fruits from all over the world). The seventh one of them - Tevel (its different name is land of Israel) - has special status and it is the core of the world.

The seventh one among leaders of human generations was favoured with the greatest honours. First seven kings of mankind were the following: 1) first man Adam; 2) his son Shet; 3) Enosh; 4) Kenan; 5) Maalel; 6) Yered; 7) Hanoch. There are mentions that Hanoch rose up to heavens and entered Gan Eden (paradise - Biblical language translation) alive. He was the wisest person after Adam as far as he got all Divine statutes from his fathers and, leaning upon those statutes, he reached the highest spiritual level.

The seventh day of the week was declared the special one. It's Saturday as it's written (Bereshit 2:3): "And G-d blessed the seventh day and He hallowed it". Tishrei - the seventh month (according to Biblical lunar calendar, and this month corresponds to Libra, that is September-October of solar year) - is also special. The world was created in this month and sentence for actions of the entire year is to be put during this month. Besides, the seventh one out of seven Ishai's sons was chosen to be a king as it's written (Divrei Hayamim II 2:15): "David the seventh".

Seven human vices abominated by G-d are enumerated in Mishlei 6:17-19: "1) haughty eyes; 2) a lying tongue and; 3) hands that shed innocent blood; 4) a heart that thinks thoughts of violence; 5) feet that hasten to run to evil; 6) one who speaks lies with false testimony and; 7) incites quarrels among brothers".

Seven things are impossible to know for human: 1) day when he dies; 2) day when Mashiach comes (Messiah - Biblical language translation); 3) how severe the measure of G-d's justice is; 4) what kind of business is where luck is waiting for you; 5) what the thoughts of others are about; 6) it's hidden from woman whom she will bear - boy or girl; 7) nobody in the entire world knows the day when the power of Esav Descendants expires (it's only known that it will come after Mashiach comes).

But what is it that makes number Seven so noteworthy? The number symbolizes Tora, which consists of seven parts, according to one of opinions. As far as Tora is the purpose of being, number Seven also symbolizes the moral purpose and basical values of humanity. It's not occasional now that it is exactly Seven that is the general number for commandments set and obligatory to observe for the entire humanity. And everyone who accepts them and carefully and undeviatingly observes - the great award is waiting for him both in this world and the world to come...

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