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Ten Kings

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History is aware of names of ten kings whose possessions included the entire world:

1) The First One among them is G-d, Who is the Beginning of all beginnings, Who rules heavens and earth and Who decided to appoint kings on earth;

2) Nimrod was the second one since it's written (Bereshit 10:10): "And the beginning of his kingdom was Babylon" where all population of the world settled at that time;

3) Yosef was the third one since it's written (Bereshit 41:57): "And all the land came to Egypt to Yosef", seven-year starvation which stroke the entire world was so much hard, everybody depended on bread spreaded by Yosef;

4) King Solomon was the fourth one since it's written (Melachim I 5:4): "For he had dominion over all on this side of the river";

5) King Ahab was the fifth one. The prophet Ovadiah says about him (Melachim I 18:10): "I swear there is no nation and no kingdom where my master has not sent to search for you";

6) Nebuchadnezzar was the sixth one since it's written (Daniel 2:38): "And wherever people, wild beasts, and birds of the sky dwell, He has given into your hand and has given you dominion over them all";

7) Cyrus was the seventh one since it's written (Ezra 1:2): "So said Cyrus, the king of Persia: all the kingdoms of the earth the L-rd G-d of the heavens delivered to me";

8) Alexander Macedonian was the eighth one since it's written (Daniel 8:5): "And behold a he-goat came from the west over the surface of the entire earth";

9) The ninth one is Mashiach (Messiah - Biblical language translation) and it's written about him (Tehillim 72:8): "And may he reign from sea to sea, and from the river to the ends of the land";

10) At the end of all history true G-d is going to again take the dominion over the entire earth. He Who was the First will be its Ultimate L-rd as it's written (Yeshayahu 44:6): "I am First and I am Last and there's no G-d besides Me" and it's also written (Zechariah 14:9): "And the L-rd shall become King over all the earth".

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