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After coming out of the Ark, Noah considered his paramount task as to cultivate the earth devastated by Flood and that's why he gave himself up to agriculture. Noah took grape sprouts into the Ark. And now, after the Flood is over, he decided to lay out vineyard. But that was a mistaken decision coz he should have first planted wheat or some different cereals important for humankind to survive.

The moment when Noah was about to start planting the vineyard, Satan (in Bible, it's angel-accuser of humanity in front of G-d's throne of glory, but nor some autonomous neither, G-d forbid, some entity opposing to Hashem - Author's Note) appeared.

- Do you want me to help you in this noble undertaking? - asked he.

- Yes, - Noah answered.

Satan left and immediately returned with a small lamb in his hands. Holding it over the vine, he slaughtered it. Second time he returned with lion, he slaughtered him too, wetting the vine with its blood. Then Satan brought monkey, slaughtered it and poured its blood over the vine again. Finally he came with pig, slaughtered it and besprinkled the ground under the vine with its blood.

Since then it all became the custom that excessive usage of wine leads to the devilish consequences. If man drinks one cup, he becomes obedient and peaceful as a lamb. After drinking two cups, he as a lion starts boasting of all great deeds he's going to accomplish in the future according to his own words. After third cup he starts dancing as a monkey. And after four cups he barfs and wallows in mud as a pig.

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