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It always happens like that. G-d sends to man exactly the woman, who is meant to become his wife. And it happens most of times precisely at the moment when we wait for that least of all. Somebody surely "unexpectedly" prepares for flight, goes for some journey, it's not important - where to, when and why for. If there's Heavens' will - future husband and wife will for sure meet.

One noble Roman woman asked rabbi Yose bar Chalafta once:

- How long it took Hashem to create the world?

- Six days, - he answers.

- And what does He do since then? - She got interested.

- He's busy matching couples.

- And this is all He does? - Simple-hearted woman got surprised. - Well, anybody is going to cope with that simple mission. I can match and marry all my servants - men and women. Believe me, it's not so difficult.

- You can think whatever you want, but for Hashem it's anyway some really serious work, - more serious than the division of the Red Sea's waters! Try to marry somebody but not in words, and you will understand you're wrong.

The noble lady got down to business at that very minute. She lined up all her servants and declared to them that since today so-and-so is meant to be somebody's husband, and so-and-so is meant to be somebody's wife. All weddings were made during one evening. But lady saw sad picture in the morning. There's no sense to describe what happened to the "newly wedded", but Roman woman understood the man has no powers to make such, one would think, simple business as marriage. She sent for rabbi Yose bar Chalafta right away then.

- There's no G-d like yours! - the woman exclaimed. Your Tora is true and wonderful. Explaining me G-d is busy matching couples, you were speaking wise!

Midrash tells us that on the fortieth day of foetus life in mother's womb, there's a voice to be heard declaring:

- Daughter of so-and-so is meant to be the wife of son of so-and-so!

That is what is meant when speaking about weddings made at Heavens.

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