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Free Sample Copies of Noahide Prayer Booklets in Russian

Created: 6/26/2011   |   Total visits: 5572

Initiated by: Director Ask Noah

Director Ask NoahAdded: 6/26/2011
Dear Friends!
In honor of the Rebbe's yahrtzeit on 3 Tammuz (5 July this year), I am offering 1 free copy of our Noahide Prayer Booklet (in Russian) to all of the registered *Noahide* (non-Jewish) members of this Forum who live *within* the Russian Federation, up to the number of these members who are now registered. If you would like to receive it, please send your name, email address and and mailing address via our page:
Additional copies, and copies for all other *members* of this Forum, can be ordered for a special price of $3.60 each via our "donation" link:
(with the description "Booklets for").
Here is a description of the booklet:

Best wishes!
Dr. Michael Schulman
Director, Ask Noah International
The world will be filled with the knowledge of G-d...
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